Herself is having to move to Jefferson City for work. The problem is, according to the one financing said move I am not invited along. So yes, my situation just got worse and until pay starts rolling in from the pittance I'll be getting from the new job, I am very thoroughly up a certain creek sans paddle. Boost the signal far and wide, I need help.


Jun. 21st, 2011 05:24 pm
For those eager for an update on things in general, not much of one to give. Still on the hotel-go-round thanks to having to crawl out from under the mire Jacobs' block on the account put us in. My PayPal account is fugged, it's nine days until payday annnnd we're flat busted broke. So! I shall have to sound the tocsin for the first time in a long while for any and all assistance folks can Western Union or GreenDot MoneyPak our way. Thankfully, I finally start an actual bona-fide job next week with KOPN here in town and Herself is due for a raise, so this should hopefully be the last time I have to do this. But do it I must and hope you are all doing well.
This morning I learned of a rather.. ahem.. economy sized caucasian fellow in Texas who wrestles in yellow tights and the fans give him bananas. What is his name, I hear you ask? Honkey Kong.

To quote the great philosopher Phillip J. McGonnigle, "Sell my clothes, I'm gone to heaven!"
If you're one of the people who actually thinks I'm making all this crap up and have absconded with the dough, why don't you call Jacobs Realty, Landmark Bank or any of places I've had to call home for the past near six months?

Oh yes - apparently U-Haul sold off the contents of our storage shed. It wasn't supposed to be until today. I was trying to arrange the bucks to stop it, but they apparently sold it all on Thursday. Oh my God.. my life work was in that shed (my music collection). My clothes, all our stuff. It's all gone. I literally now have nothing except the clothes on my back and what's in the car.
The account has had a hold on it thanks to those bastards at Jacobs Realty since January. Since Janurary, the account has ready nearly 8 grand in the hole because of it. Well, Monday was the last day for the hold. After now spending two days on the phone with the bank, come to find *even with* the hold taken off, we're still about 1500 dollars in the hole thanks to some spurious sounding crap about "accumulated fees".

So where does this leave your faithful correspondent? I now can no longer take the apartment I was going to, it's a week untii payday and I'm broker than a broke thing. It means I still have to pay for this hotel room somehow. But worse possibly than any of that is I have to somehow come up with 400+ by Friday or we lose everything we've got in the storage shed. Fool that I am, I actually trusted those bastards at Landmark and loo what it's gotten me. I can't even pass the PayPal hat because that account is fubar'd thanks to all this muck and I never did get my replacement debit card from them anyway.

And oh yes - the lawyer we were so keen on, the one that was going to save our asses? Turns out hes in the process of getting disbarred. He was taking money from clients and doing nothing but continuing cases.

So barring a minor miracle of good will and/or financial luck, I am most thoroughly screwed.
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] neo_prodigy at Cass Cain Counts!
Cross-posted to boost the signal.

A campaign has been launched to bring Cassandra Cain back back fulltime to the DC Comics universe and we need your help.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the character, Cassandra Cain served as the titular heroine of the first ongoing Batgirl comic book series. Of Asian descent, she is also the first non-white member of the Batman family and has remained one of the most prominent non-white superheroes, with a massive following from a wide demographic of fans.

But more than that, Cass is a groundbreaking character because her success is based primarily on the fact that she is handled with the same care and respectability that’s usually reserved for cis straight white male protagonists.

She debuted in April 2000, at #23 on the sales chart list, selling nearly 50,000 books. ( http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2000/2000-04.html) Her title averaged around 25,000 in sales and her final issue in Feb. 2006 sold more than 26,000 copies (http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2006/2006-02.html), which is more than the current Batgirl title is selling. In fact she's outsold legacy characters such as Green Arrow and Aquaman.

However despite the overwhelming success that she's brought DC, Cass has been another casualty of the ongoing trend of racefail and erasure of characters of color from the DC Universe. She was repeatedly on the receiving end of shoddy storylines, absurd mangled characterizations and was summarily dismissed and written off while less successful characters have been privileged with reboot after reboot.

There's an online petition asking for the return of Cassandra Cain.

Why does this matter? Because exceptional characters shouldn't be eliminated simply because they're a minority. Why does this matter? Because women, POCs, LGBTQs, etc. deserve to be showcased and celebrated just as much as cis straight white protagonists. The truth is we desperately need more Cassandra Cains, Storms, Renee Montoyas, Black Panthers, Wiccans, Midnighters. It’s not acceptable for us to be a supporting sidekick or background dressing, it’s time for us to take center stage.

And we're asking you to help us show DC why diversity matters and why Cass Cain Counts.

For those wondering as to why I haven't updated much, the plain answer is between shell shock over the apartment and lack of anything to update about, I just haven't. Unfortunately, as of this morning I have something to update about.

It would seem Jacobs Realty managed to sneak through a garnishment on the account. As of right now, Herself will be working for the next two and a half months for the sole purpose of paying those bastards off. To make matters worse, I needed to renew the room this morning and now quite obviously can't.

So let's review - no money to live on until the middle of March and no way to renew the room. I'm going to be talking to the lawyer this morning, obviously, to see what we can do but the plain fact of the matter is we are screwed and screwed hard until I can get something sorted. To make matters worse, I now have to call Ranada later and tell her what's happened. It'll kill her, sure as anything.

So it's with shaky hands and utterly numb that yet again I'm going to have to get out that old battered hat. I'll update again as events warrant but right now I need big help and I need it fast or we're in deep trouble. God I'm so sorry I have to do this again but I literally have no choice for now.

Still hotel surfin' it, still looking. My music collection - my life work - is still somewhere deep within that storage shed. Kitties are doing okay, Herself is doing okay, and I suppose so am I. I'm just not really able to summon up much energy right for LJing it all, but we're doing okay. I'll update again soon.
Rocky Balboa: The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!
They showed up at 9 and wouldn't even let me go get the money. We're at an Econolodge until we can find a place, and the cats are with Animal Control. Heartsick doesn't even begin to cover it.

I'll talk about it when I can summon the energy to, but as of right now we're homeless. Victims.. aren't we all?


Nov. 2nd, 2010 08:22 am
They are going to be here in 30 minutes and they want the money in cash and I can't DO that right now! PayPal will only let me get the money out in 400 chunks a day! She won't wait the two days! DAMN IT! Somebody help!
All that money and PayPal only lets you get 400 out at a time. Gah. Time to see if Jacobs can take debit cards.
I just talked to our lawyer. They want 3449 by tomorrow morning or out we go. I can't think. I can't process this, and God help me I've got to call Ranada and tell her and I think I may need to explode when I do.

The day is about to start and Christ almighty God I wish I could adequately describe to you the pit in my stomach right now. To be on the trembling verge of losing almost everything I have that keeps me debatably sane is near to panic inducing. I know that would accomplish nothing and only make the situation worse, but situations like these speak directly to the hindbrain and care not one whit for logic. My already cruddy health has gone right down the spiral thanks to the stress and lack of sleep caused by all this, and believe me you do not want to know the details. So far I've gotten four replies, no signal boost that I know of, and one donation which I am immensely grateful for. But I need help, folks, and that's no lie. For a post that explains the situation, go here. If my weekend shows have ever meant anything to you or my thin in the water attempts at humor and homespun discourse have amused you or intrigued you at all, please help. But please, for the love of all that's sacred and true, at least boost the signal on that original post. I literally have nowhere else to turn except you folks.


Oct. 31st, 2010 12:53 pm
Here's a link to my post from yesterday in case it got swamped in avalance of posts since I did it early on in the day.. We really are up against it huge, folks. http://docwebster.livejournal.com/840293.html
Night two, kiddies. War Of The Worlds night - Music until Mercury Theatre at eight eastern, rock opera after, then mmusic right up to Rocky Horror at midnight eastern.
EDIT: We've got it! Holy Jesus on a pogo stick, we got it! Mind, if nobody minds I'd kind of like to keep the donation lines open until tomororow morning Just In Case.

The short form is once and for all Herself and I have once and for all learned the lesson never, ever trust automatic withdrawal for rent payments.

The long form is this. Thanks to ACH fscking things up royally between the bank and Jacobs Realty, they and the owner of this building are in between a rock and a hard place on this and while they buy the explanation of what happened, the rent payments can't be accounted for and so we have basically until the close of business on Monday to at least come up with a "good faith" payment on the amount owed orrr we basically get a rerun of what happened in 2008 on Tuesday morning at 9. So yeah, from now on cashier's checks only. Also, once the proof from ACH shows up that the money was paid out and thus should be in the Jacobs account at which point if becomes their problem in total, we get the good faith payment back or can apply it toward future rent. We can probably do this on our own if need be. But it would pretty much cripple us financially for the rest of the month.

So with a major league deadline like this and the possibility of losing pretty much everything I have that keeps me debatably sane looming over my head like a certain sword, I not only need to get that battered old hat out, I need to ask you to boost the signal for me, far and wide. The problem is fixable. I'm just under a severe deadline here and I could use all the help I can get to clear this last hurdle. Thanks in advance and have a good one.

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